Forno Grill

Power: Charcoal/Wood - gas
The FORNOGRILL is a mix between an oven and a grill. One of the main advantages of this professional product, is that linking our experience in refractory materials and in building ovens, we created and patented an item that allows you to save time and fuel while cooking.
This is because the food is cooked at the same time from below like in a regular grill, and from above thanks to the half dome like in a regular oven. Moreover, the grill can be turned of 360 degrees so that you do not have to turn every single piece of food instead. You can also regulate the height of the grid and to pull it out.
With regards to the gas version, it has two small gas burners, one placed at the bottom of the half dome that reproduces a small flame (like a piece of wood) which heats the dome and cook the food from below. Then, there is another small gas burner that from below heats the refractory pieces under the grid, so that they work like coal.

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